Why Selling Your House Before Divorce Is A Good Idea

To a large majority of people in the United States, a home is the single most expensive purchase they will make in their entire lives. It’s also possible that it’s communal property, which might be a major headache if you’re divorcing. 

If you and your ex-spouse can’t agree on how to divide your bank accounts, debts, and frequent flier miles, you and your ex-spouse will have to either buy each other out or sell the house to a Conroe home buyer and divide the revenues.

There are some reasons why selling your home before filing for divorce may be the best option.

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Should You Sell Your House Before The Divorce Is Finalized?

It would help if you planned to put your house on the market as soon as possible once you and your husband have agreed that divorce is unavoidable. You should list your property as soon as possible to optimize its time on the market.

You’ll be more likely to receive a deal you’re comfortable with, which means you’ll have more equity to split with your partner.

Selling your property before a divorce might simplify the transition by allowing you and your spouse to move out and adjust to life as a single person in different residences.

It’s common for people to ignore the tax advantages of selling a house before a divorce. Both parties in a divorce are often forced to relocate out of the marital home, making it a second home for both of you.

Suppose the property appreciates significantly over a long period. In that case, the rise in value may be taxed as a capital gain and subject to the regular 15% tax rate. 

As a result, if you and your roommate decide to leave in April, but the house doesn’t sell until December of the following year for $10,000 more than you paid for it, you may owe $1,500 in capital gains tax, which you will have to divide equally.

If The House Doesn’t Sell On Time, Here’s What You can Do

It’s easier to avoid all of that if you put your house up for sale before filing for divorce, and there are a few things you can do to expedite the home selling process. 

To begin, arrange a time to sit down and discuss the issue. Make sure you and your partner agree that the house needs to be sold and that it’s in everyone’s best interest. 

If one spouse rejects the purchase or makes the property appear unappealing, the offer will fail. People do this for various reasons, including financial and emotional. You never know what will happen in a divorce, so attempt to agree ahead of time and work together to unload the property orderly.

To ensure that the property sells before it becomes a white elephant in divorce court, you can postpone your divorce until the sale is complete. If you put your divorce on hold until your house sells, keep in mind that the incentives you both have when the court issues your final divorce decree will alter.

Your spouse may begin to play for time as the final court date approaches, hoping to either stay in the house or gain a larger portion of the sale price. You and your spouse may be working joyfully together to sell the property. The divorce can be put on hold so that you can refocus your efforts on selling while you’re still together.


You can have an easy or difficult time selling your house depending on how well you and your partner try to overcome your unsolved difficulties. 

Before a divorce, selling your home can theoretically function the same way as selling it if the divorce was not on the table but without having to relocate elsewhere.

Divorce can be simple. Whether it’s funds or joint assets, it’s possible to work out a mutually agreeable solution—to sell the house to a cash house buyer in Conroe. 

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