Fix Up Your Home or Sell It As It is (Factors to Consider)

The decision to sell a house can be complicated. A home can be sold as is or purchased with fixes. An agent can help the seller organize facts and make an informed choice. The seller should consider the future sales of similar houses, the likelihood of finding a buyer, the probability of a good price, the cost of repairs, the estimated repair costs, and a realistic timeline for sale.

If you are selling your home and are at a loss if you should do repairs or sell it as is, this blog post will shed light on which option may be right for you. 

Fix Up Your Home or Sell It As It is (Factors to Consider)

1. State of the Real Estate Market

Sellers should consider the state of their local market and the overall economy. If most homeowners in the area are selling their homes without repairs, it may not make sense to fix up your house. Any repairs would be done to an already competitive market.

2. Condition of Competing Homes For Sale

If your next-door neighbor is trying to sell her house and is offering it “as is,” you may want to consider the same option for the same reason. If most houses for sale in your area need repairs and you have decided to sell them as is, you may want to consider trying to sell your home at a lower price than comparable houses.

3. Value of Repairs

The expected value of the repairs should take into account whether or not the repairs would increase the value of the home. The value of the repairs should also be compared with the cost of buying and selling a home that needs the repairs.

4. Likelihood of a Good ROI

Considering the cost of the repairs, the size of the repairs, and the anticipated ROI, the seller can decide whether or not to repair the home. A high cost of repairs, a small repair, and a low ROI may not be worth the investment.

5. Time Frame

A seller might consider the time frame for selling the home. The seller has to take into account their situation and the time it takes to fix up the house. The time frame for sale can also include the time it takes to find a buyer for the property.

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6. Potential Buyers

More than any other factor, the buyer will determine if a home is worth doing repairs or not. If a house is in the buyer’s price range and the buyer is looking for property in reasonable condition, the chances for a successful sale may be higher.


If you want to sell your home quickly and the property is located in a competitive market, you may want to sell it as is. If the property is located in a good market and the purchase price is in the buyer’s range, you may want to consider the value of the repairs and the cost of selling a home that needs repairs.

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