Don’t Ignore These 4 Red Flags When Buying A House

The timing of your move, as well as the local property market, can suddenly transform a casual house purchasing experience into a wild sprint for your dream home. You devote all of your free time to searching listings and attending open houses, expending all of your attention to this single aim.

When you’re dead set on getting what you want, it’s easy to ignore certain red flags that might indicate that the property you’re eyeing is one you should avoid.

4 Things to Look for When Buying A Home

You most certainly have a large wish list for your ideal house. And when you finally locate a home that ticks all the criteria, you’re ecstatic. However, it is critical to ensure that everything is as it appears.

Sellers often go to considerable measures to conceal flaws and make their houses more desirable. These improvements make a home more move-in ready and reduce future home renovation expenditures. However, occasionally they are only cosmetic changes to hide a possible problem. Keep an eye out for these red signs during the home-buying process to avoid wasting your time — or money — on a house that isn’t worth the investment.

1. Inferior Craftsmanship or Style

Every makeover or renovation is unique. Budgets compel every homeowner to decide where and how to renovate their house. And one homeowner’s penchant for do-it-yourself renovation might take years to undo. Examine each room, paying special attention to the ones that have just been changed, for:

  • Inconsistent window and door frames
  • Tiles, hardwood, cabinets, and counters with gaps or uneven surfaces
  • Finishes, flooring, and furniture that are outdated or ill-suited

This is something you might be able to see in photographs. Make a note of the appearance and style in each room as you scan images of the house. If browsing through images feels like you’re changing styles, eras, or residences, the visit might not be worth it.

2. “For Sale” Signs Up and Down The Street

As you drive through a neighborhood, keep an eye out for “For Sale” signs. If you see a lot on the way to the home you want to see, there may not be a reason for it. In a robust real estate market, buyers are interested in options, and agents market homes aggressively. One sign may not be a big deal, but an abundance is a bad sign.

3. Signs of Mold and Moisture in the House

Mold and mildew are nearly impossible to see in the walls and ceilings until you tear them apart. But if you smell a strong, musty odor, or spots on the walls or ceilings, the home likely has moisture issues.

You can also look for the tiny black dots mold leaves behind. If you have a white light on your phone, use it to spot mold on the walls, carpet, or furniture. The presence of mold on surfaces and in the air is a sign of moisture problems and leaks. These can cause staining damage, but more importantly, the source of future allergy and respiratory problems for you and your family.

4. Structural Issues

When you’re touring a home, it’s your job to find the defects and look for problems. A home inspector will do the same when you’re ready to move in, but you need to know what to look for from the start.

Look for:

  • Buckling and cracking foundations
  • Broken windows, doors, and siding
  • Columns or beams with cracks or bulges
  • Inadequate or damaged support
  • Missing steps, railings, and banisters
  • Outdated or non-functioning electrical, plumbing and heating system

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If you’re lucky enough to be buying a home, you’re even luckier to be in a position to make a significant investment. The extra time you spend on research and due diligence will pay off in the long run. Don’t jump at the first thing you see. There’s always something better out there.

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