Tips To Increase Home’s Value Before You Sell

If you plan to sell your home in the near future, it’s time to start getting ready. For many homeowners, this means grabbing a set of tools and getting dirty. For others, it just means calling a tradesperson. Selling your property is easier if you have a functional, attractive home. Low prices won’t make an impression on real estate agents—only a great property will do that. To increase the value of your house, here are five ways to approach turnkey status.

1. Painting and Repairs of External Walls

Paint your home’s exterior in neutral shades, erase any graffiti, and give your property the shine it deserves. Uneven color or chipped paint will look shabby on your property. Leave clean walls for the next homeowner to paint. However, if you have poorly finished woodwork such as mismatched siding, touch it up or replace it. A potential buyer will appreciate this respectful gesture as it indicates you take pride in your residence.

2. Landscaping

Take a look at your yard and make sure your lawn is lush, your shrubs are tidy, and your bushes are free of weeds. Trim your lawn, and clean off your patio. Be sure garbage and debris are gone. Consider planting some flowers to add some color. In fact, your garden should be a point of attraction for your home.

3. Repairs of Exterior Doors, Windows, and Foundation

If your home is structurally sound but old, your property might be hard to sell. Think about the breakdown of your property’s exterior and what it will take to bring your home to a more attractive state. Trim out the old in favor of the new. For example, new windows and doors make a big difference. If you need to replace rotted exterior wood, consider using composite decking material such as Timbertech decking instead. Fiber cement siding is another option that looks like wood but won’t split and rot over time.

4. Interior Furniture and Accessories

If your furniture and accessories seem worn and outdated, think about replacing them before your property hits the market. Scratches and stains make your home look old and worn. You can use paint to give your furniture a quick update or have it professionally cleaned.

5. Repair Hardware and Fixtures

If you have old knobs, handles, or light fixtures, replace them. If you have a missing floor or cabinet hardware, add it. Your home should be as functional as possible. Make it easy for someone to move in right away.

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Selling a house is a big deal. It can feel overwhelming, especially when there is so much to consider. If you’re planning to sell your property, make sure you do your homework before arranging a showing with a real estate agent. This includes decluttering, cleaning, repairing, updating your home, and adding some curb appeal. These small tweaks can make a big difference in making your home more sellable and, in turn, increasing its value.

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