Things To Know When Selling A Property With Multiple Heirs

Property is one of the most common forms of inheritance a deceased person leaves their family. As it appreciates over time, most inheritors would rather sell it to homebuyers than keep it.

The probate process that verifies the will and transfers the assets to a single owner is complex. It becomes even more complicated when multiple people become the property’s new owners.

Here are some things you need to know about selling a home with multiple inheritors.

You Can’t Sell Your Part Independently

First and foremost, you need to remember that you do not own the property. You only own part of the property. 

This means that you cannot legally sell your share without the other inheritor’s consent. Before speaking to realtors or buyers, you have to talk to the other inheritors first. 

Get A Consensus

You need to get everyone to agree about selling the property. Try to meet them in one venue or a video conference call to make things easier for you. 

Without a consensus, you cannot sell the property. If one inheritor doesn’t want to let go of their share, you cannot coerce them into an agreement.

Buy-Outs Are Viable Options

A stalemate is inevitable if you cannot persuade all the inheritors into an agreement. You can negotiate to buy out the share of people who refused to sell their part property to break the stalemate. 

Buying a person out entails offering a sum of money in exchange for their rights to the property. When there is a buy-out, often the person bought-out will no longer get a share of the sale amount. But if the other party refuses, you can negotiate for them to buy you out of the property.

Agree On How You Will Sell The Property

Inherited properties are often much older. This is why you and the other heirs should decide if you want to update the property or sell it as-is. 

Renovating the property will take more time, effort, and money before you can sell it. But it will often fetch a higher price than an old house sold as-is. However, selling the home as-is means that the sale price is all profit.

The Number Of Property Buyers May Be Limited

Unfortunately, most lenders will not approve loans for properties in probate. This means the pool of potential property buyers will be limited. 

If that’s the case, you and the other heirs have to decide whether you want to pursue selling the property before or after the probate is settled.

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